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Counter Strike Global Offensive 2 Counter strike global offensive 2 is a significant upgrade to the current game. Valve is bringing the cult FPS to their newer Source 2 engine. Touchstone maps have minor changes to their lighting and readability and Upgraded maps receive an overhaul complete with Source 2’s physically-based rendering. A variety of gameplay enhancements are on the horizon as well as sub-tick updates that should make it less dependent on tick rates to calculate precision actions. Gameplay Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the latest installment of the popular Counter-Strike franchise, features the same gameplay which has been the foundation of the genre. It was developed using Valve's Source 2 Engine and features high-resolution textures and real-time lighting. It has been updated with new gameplay elements and weapons. The game comes with 34 weapons, of which 19 are exclusive to the new version. Many of them are replacements for older weapons and others have been revamped to be unique in their properties and roles. The most significant changes are centered on the weapons themselves. For instance, the SCAR-L has been replaced by a new gun that has more power and range and the AK-128 is updated with a brand new barrel for greater accuracy. A number of other weapons have been tweaked as well including the M4A1 and sniper rifles. Some of the maps have been updated to work with CS:GO 2. Overpass has been overhauled to take advantage of the brand new Source 2 engine, while other maps such as Dust II have been carefully updated. Alongside the new maps The game will also include many other new features. The interface of the game has been improved and a brand-new Item Workshop allows players to create their own items. Another significant modification is the game's Faction system. Counter-Strike 2 offers a wide selection of T and CT models, while the previous edition offered two factions. Additionally the game's server design has been changed to use sub-tick updates which means that the servers can evaluate the world at very short intervals, such as the instant that an opponent moves or fires a shot or throws an grenade. Since its launch in 2012. CS:GO is one of the most played games on Steam. It has an estimated 11 million players every month. It also has a strong esports scene that includes teams participating in various tournaments and leagues. The Valve-sponsored Major Championships are the most important, in which the top teams compete to win large prize pools. Weapons Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a game that is focused on combat with weapons. With over 35 weapons available players can select their primary weapon from a wide selection of options. The equipment used by players such as armor, a CT defuse kit, and grenades, play a major part in the overall game strategy. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, the AWP is an excellent rifle for sniping, which can kill armored opponents above the knees with ease, but it also has a slow rate of firing and can be quite expensive. The SCAR-20 is extremely precise. of accuracy and precision with its scope, however it can be slow to reload, and slow down the speed of the shooter. New weapons in CS:GO also come with some changes in the way they look. The HE gun, for instance is now more realistically exploding and the smoke from incendiary grenades or molotov cocktail looks more real. This makes it easier for enemies to track down an individual. Weapons in CS:GO are readily available for purchase at the designated spawn locations of each team. Besides pistols and knives players can buy any other weapon they want in the game using in-game currency. Players can also spend money to upgrade their weapons. The game now offers a new menu for players to shop more conveniently. Valve released some updates a few months following the release of the game in order to enhance the game's experience. The most significant changes pertain to the in-game chat system which has been upgraded to block abusive words and spam. The UI for purchasing items has also been overhauled and now utilizes a grid-based layout. The game has also been improved by introducing a new anti-cheat system that includes spectating and bans. The team who loses a game will be penalized, but those who commit an offense will be banned for a long time. Valve has also made a few gameplay modifications to the game to make it more enjoyable. Maps The Counter-Strike franchise is famous for its maps and the level of skill required to master them. Each map takes years or even decades of work to develop into the pinnacle of first-person shooter design that is competitive. The most important thing to know about the game is the various maps that are in the active and reserve pools because it helps you comprehend the mechanics and gives you additional tools to have fun playing it. Mirage is a popular CSGO map within the Active pool, which was launched back in 2013 by Valve. Mirage is known for its high skill ceilings as well as good balance for both sides in battle. The map is used at most esports and major championships for CSGO. Nuke is the most dated defusal map in CSGO and is a standard of both professional and casual playing. The map has seen the apprehension of a few revisions over the years, but it is still one of the most strategically complex maps in the game. The unique layout of the map means that every angle needs to be considered and there are more ways to out-maneuver your opponent than on any other map in the game. counter-strike cases is a newer CSGO map that was introduced by the Winter Offensive Update in 2013. Since its release, Overpass has become a popular map. It has been featured in numerous major championships as well as Esports competitions. The map is tiny but it is packed with options. From the long outside of A site, to the tense corners of B site. Vertigo has been added to the CSGO Active pool for 2019 and has impressed everyone who have played it. It has replaced one of the most adored CSGO maps, but has been well-loved by the community. The map is a bit CT in its slant, but that doesn't stop it from being among the most played maps in queues. Another interesting aspect of this map is the canals that run through it. The canals are a nice addition to the map, making it stand out from other CSGO Maps which are heavy on the outside. Updates Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been in existence for 10 years however it was in desperate need of an update. Valve confirmed today that the Source 2 beta test for CS:GO has begun. Fans have waited for a long while for this limited test. The studio has promised the “largest technological leap forward for the game CS:GO” by redefining all aspects of the gameplay. The most notable modification to the game is the switch to Source 2, a graphics engine that offers an immersive and realistic visual experience. This includes new lighting and particle systems as well as more focus on making bullet impacts more readable from farther away. The transition to the new engine has also meant a redesign of several maps which include a revamped version of Italy and Overpass. Valve's update will improve the way servers are designed and tick rates manage gameplay actions. The move to 128-tick servers will make a huge difference in both the responsiveness of the game and its visual quality. Valve says the change is a “remarkable upgrade” that will make CSGO feel more fluid. In addition to the visual changes, players can expect several other gameplay improvements. For instance, smoke grenades will now live as volumetric 3D objects in the game's world, and can be pushed around to temporarily shape lines of sight. Valve says that the upgrade to the server design of the game will allow sub tick updates. This should provide a smoother and more precise experience. Interested players can try out the new version of the game by logging onto the test that is limited and will be accessible to a select group of players depending on a variety of factors such as recent playtime and Steam account standing. Valve claims that the cosmetics it collects in the current CSGO will be transferred to the updated version, which is set to launch this summer. Esports Insider has reached out to BLAST, the largest CS:GO tournament organizer, to find out whether they plan to offer an older version of the game to its leagues until the latest update is made available.